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Fotis Vasileiou

“The journey of a Mind”

That was the theme of his speech during the 2nd White Minds. Rousing the audience, described the «Journey of a mind» as a journey which is not vacation or trip, but it contains moments of ups and downs.

Meet the White Minder

Back in 1999, started his career in the field of marketing after studying business administration and finance and earning his Master in Business Administration.
Co-founder of White Space and Director of New Media Studies.
“Ideator” of White Minds and creator of online experiences for major brands in Greece and abroad.
Creativity, innovation and the power of idea, basic ingredients for success.
Importance of view: Some people may see a thing differently, when everyone else sees it the same.


“Celebrate Inspiration”
Fotis Vassileiou was the first speaker, as he is the “ideator”, the creator of White Minds. He welcomed all the students with a unique “Welcome brats!” earning everybody’s attention in a few seconds.
He explained that “celebrating inspiration” was the theme of the whole White Minds day and every celebration is a unique moment – and moments really matters! As time get more and more constrained for everybody, we enter the era of microments. Media must draw our attention within 3 seconds, otherwise they lose their audience.
He introduced the meaning of “erasable media” and he explained the importance of quality and speed in content. Live reporting and hashtags are the new trends in marketing and media.
He proposed us to “fall in love” with our tasks, in order to be happy and satisfied in our lives. Everybody fails sometimes, but those who never fail actually are those who only do criticism and nothing else. We should not believe in authorities but in ourselves and we should dare to choose what all the others do not see!