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Meet the White Minder

Initially Officer of the Greek Army. A pilot seminar on Media Management changed his career. The world of communication and advertising riveted him.

Co-founder of White Space and one of the first Greeks who dealt with Social Media.

Creator of the first Greek Human Interactive Experiences, which makes the round of the world through a tablet.

Head of “Gtouch”, the first interactive magazine and“Mykonos tales” the first interactive guide of Mykonos.

«Find your White Space»

Once more time, Giorgos Vasileiou inspired thousand minds to find their white space… the unknown path that can lead them to success.
Although he started from army, an unfortunate moment & his passion about marketing were the cause to put a landmark in his life and change career! «One disappointment should be your biggest time.»
As he said, we have to connect the dots in our life, namely to combine the skills we have, in order to succeed.
Being today co-founder of White Space, he realized early enough the power of technology and social media as well as the impact they have in our life. He talked about social intelligence and how small data can reveal us useful & great information.

Get inspired once more from George

“It does not matter just to get knowledge, but also to use it, to exploit it.”

“Estimates for year 2017 predict that more than 400 million users will be using tablets”.

“To really love something, you have to get close to it, to touch it, to feel it as it is yours”.