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Meet the White Minder

After completing her studies in Journalism Communication at the University of Stendhal in Grenoble, she started her professional career in 1988. She worked for many channels as a reporter starting from AIGAIO FM and following at New Channel, Kiss FM, MEGA Channel and Flash Radio.

In 1994 she left for Paris, where she was the corresponding journalist for Star Channel, Deutsche Welle and BBC World Service.

From 2006 onwards, Maria is the corresponding journalism for MEGA in Paris. After 22 years of working experience, she had the opportunity to interview some of the greatest personalities of our century like Konstantinos Karamanlis, Melina Merkouri, Jacques Delor, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Bayrou, Jean Michel Jarre, Brigitte Bardot and many others.


Maria Denaxa really inspired the audience of White Minds 3 with her life story and she proved that everybody can succeed even if he/she comes from a small island, as Syros which is her birthplace.
She motivated the students to gain experiences, especially at their first steps and to take risks because nothing is for granted. Starting something new is not an easy task. Nobody wins all the battles, but learning from mistakes is the most valuable asset.
Her main point was that following our hearts and our minds leads us ahead. Our character, hard work and experiences are our valuable passport to continue with our lives.
At the end of her speech, she concluded that crisis should not discourage us. There are always opportunities around us. What we have to do is to look for them, claim them and get the most out of them!