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Meet the White Minder

After completing his studies in Boston University – School of Management and in LSE earning his Msc in Management and Corporate Finance, he worked in Hellenic Land, a British fund owned by Soros Real Estate Investment Partners. There he discovered the online aggregators, very popular in England but totally unknown in Greece.
With multiple insurance providers and offers to choose from, determining the right insurance policy can be tiresome, difficult, and costly. Sotiris Papantonopoulos-Mantopoulos established insurancemarket.gr, an online insurance aggregator, to create an easier and more affordable way for Greeks to compare and purchase automobile, motorcycle, boat, and home insurance policies. insurancemarket.gr currently operates the leading online insurance aggregator in Greece’s 6 billion insurance market, facilitating tens of thousands of active policies in 2013.
“Success is a state of mind”
Success is a state of mind and when we consider achieving success in our profession, attitude is everything. Having a positive outlook can help us overcome obstacles and discouragement.
Sotiris motivated the audience by saying that everything is possible and everything is in our minds. Each of us can change the world; all he has to do is to believe it! Usually the pioneers are young people between 20 and 30 because in this age they are not afraid to take risks.
In life, we do not know where we want to go or where we will go. But at some point comes our call. Timing is crucial. There is a big wave for all of us. The point is if we are ready to jump on it and exploit it.
He advised us never give up and not afraid to copy something that interested us or at least gets inspired from it. Everybody has ideas – an idea means nothing until someone takes the risk and puts his efforts to it.