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Meet the White Minder

The most “long-lasting” News Director in Europe and News General Manager at SKAI channel.
Highest records of TV viewing, in each channel he was working.
Founder of the first academy of journalism for New Media, the “New Media Studies”.
The first well-known man who dared to admit that he faced the “monster of depression”.
He urges young people to always listen to their heart and advices them not to have money as priority.


«The eye of a tiger»

Stamatis Malelis really loves the connection with young minds, thus was again part of White Minds 3. He said that he started being a journalist without really wanting it. He believed that it was a temporary job, but life had other plans for him… Today is the most long-lasting News Director in Europe and the person who has helped many people in TV to follow their dream by discovering their unique talent.
He motivated young minds to do what they really love and keep a balance between life & work. He dedicated his life to journalism, but as he said… « I made an unlivable life, a life on hold. Don’t make the same mistake!».
«Knowledge & work play key role in our life, but we have to live… to do things that make us happy. We live only once and depression will be our penalty if we do not live. »

Get inspired once more from Stamati

“To really love something, you have to get close to it, to touch it, to feel it as it is yours”.